Live right on the school grounds, be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and awake to a close up view of the Pacific Ocean and the waves at the Mexican Pipeline.

The bungalows are conveniently located amongst the bird, lizard and flower filled gardens of the school grounds. The school and the bungalows are less than a 5 minute walk and overlooking Puerto Escondido’s most popular beach, Playa Zicatela, the Mexican Pipeline which has plenty of shops, restaurants and internet cafes. The bungalows are also located adjacent to the bus route so you can easily jump on public transportation any time of day to get yourself around and explore Puerto.

The onsite bungalows are fully furnished, have full kitchens and baths and a full sized bed (sleeps 2) (extra bed optional). The bungalows also have 24/7 wifi access and great views of the surrounding gardens, the ocean and the sunset.

An onsite bungalow costs $35 U.S. a night for one or two people (one bed) (additional $5 U.S. per night for 3rd person or 2nd couple) $210 U.S. a week (additional $30 U.S. per week for 3rd person or 2nd couple) and $750 U.S. for 4 weeks (additional $100 U.S. per 4 weeks for 3rd person or 2nd couple).

To reserve the bungalow during the peak season (June, July, August, November, December, January or February) we will need a $100 U.S. non refundable deposit per week and the funds for your deposit are 100% applicable to your lodging. In the off season we will only need a $50 U.S. per week non refundable deposit and the funds for your deposit are still 100% applicable to your lodging. .

Shared Bungalow on Campus

We have the option of a shared bungalow on the school grounds. It has a dorm style sleeping area with air conditioning, a shared kitchen and bath and a close up view of the main peak of the world class surf break, best known as the Mexican Pipeline. It is a 3-minute walk from all the shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes in the heart of the Zicatela Beach and public transportation passes just outside of the school that can bring you to the most other parts of Puerto very quickly and affordably. The cost of the shared bungalow is $15 per night $90 per week and $325 for 4 weeks.


If you would like to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and the Mexican culture, we arrange homestays with local families. Homestays, including food and lodging start at $200 U.S. a week, depending on the family and the amenities provided. The Puerto Escondido Language School hand-selects host families for homestays. All host families have a sincere desire to invite foreign visitors into their homes and have been versed in safe preparation of food. All homestays provide private rooms with the necessary amenities.

To reserve a homestay, a $50 U.S. deposit (completely applicable to your lodging) is required for your first week. An additional deposit of $20 U.S. per week (payable in advance but completely applicable to your subsequent weeks of lodging) is required to reserve each additional week at the homestay.

Prices for the all of the lodging options, including those in the package programs, are 50% more during the weeks from the last Saturday before Christmas Eve through the night of the first Saturday after New Year Day and there is a 35% increase in price during all of November, January and February, the weeks before and after Easter, the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.