Surf Lessons

Surfing is an extremely thrilling and enriching sport but it is also very challenging and intimidating to learn. For this reason many beginners become frustrated after a few exhausting hours of paddling around and getting washed by the waves with little success. We offer surf lessons to help people feel more comfortable with a board in the surf. In this way they can overcome that initial stage in the learning process more quickly so they can experience the true thrill and joy that is surfing.

Lessons can be taught in English so they can have the comfort of learning a new sport with instruction in their native tongue or in Spanish so students can also acquire the Spanish language in an enjoyable, context-rich environment. The cost of surf lessons is $50 U.S. per person per session.

Board Rental

We rent a variety of boards to accommodate the style and level of each surfer. Rental cost is $10 U.S. a day, $50 U.S. a week and $150 U.S. a month.

Guided Surf Trips

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, take a surf trip with us both in and out of Puerto Escondido and you'll find the best places to surf at different tides and swell directions, the nicest beaches, the best places to camp and/or the best accommodations. Tour with us in and around Puerto Escondido, and you'll have an insider's knowledge of interesting things to do, the best places to eat and drink, colorful cultural sites and events, regional history, and have an instant "in" with the local people.

-Full day guide service costs $130 a day for one or two people ($20 for each person beyond the initial two).
-Half day trips cost $65 U.S. for one or two people ($20 U.S. for each person beyond the initial two). For trips outside of Pto. the price does not include gasoline, or food.

There are a variety of surf breaks in Puerto Escondido and many other surf spots nearby can be visited in day-trips. However, some of the highest quality surf breaks on the coast of Oaxaca are a little more isolated. For an excursion to certain beaches, overnight camping is recommended (although a short drive to a hotel is also an option from most places).

Overnight trips for one or two people cost $170, for 2 or 4 people $210 U.S. and for 5 or 6 people $250 U.S. Camping gear is provided. However, gasoline, lodging for you and the guide (unless you're camping) and food are not included.

We offer surf tour packages that include quality beachfront hotel accommodations on the Mexican Pipeline beach break, local transportation and guide services in and around Puerto Escondido.

The per day cost for surf tour packages is $155 U.S. for one or two people, $210 U.S. per day for 3 to 4 people, and $285 U.S. for 5 to 6 people. However, if you want to explore the coast, camp on virgin beaches and surf perfect point breaks without crowds, the price is the same as above. Overnight and extended surf excursions include guide services and all camping necessities. If you want to surf the secluded spots but camping doesn't suit your desires, hotel accommodations can be arranged for an extra $40 U.S. per two people per night.

*Advance notice is very much appreciated as these tours and excursions are not always available.